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Decoration Panel

The Decoration Panel of SY is a practical architectural material that is proper for reconstruction of houses or renovation of internal and external walls of a building with diverse design that expresses actual texture such as native rocks, tiles, bricks etc

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Features of Product

* Construction is convenient
Since it is thin and light, the restriction of weight is minimized, and anyone can express splendid external appearance of a building once there are a small electric drill and screws for direct connection.

* Splendid external appearance can be expressed
With a single decoration panel, diverse design and colors such as stones and tiles etc. can be expressed to be 3-dimensional texture.

* It has excellent insulation performance
A double insulation effect can be obtained since polyurethane foam which is 'Ga' grade insulator is used as a core material.

* It is possible for permanent use
Since the surface is made with an aluminum surface material that is not rusted, it is possible to use permanently.

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