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EPS Panel

The EPS panel is also called as a styrofoam panel and is the most commonly used external panel for a building,and it is widely used because of its high strength enough to play a role as a structure of a building as well as its economical price and excellent insulation performance. SY produces a flame retardant EPS which has more improved safety against a fire than general EPS by injecting flame resisting materials into EPS grains.

Product Information

Features of Product

* Convenient constructability
It has the lightest specific gravity among panel insulators, and it has also excellent strength so it is free and convenient in calculating loads and construction.

* Safety against a fire
It has a certified report for its flame-retardant performance and quasi-noncombustible performance, and a risk of a fire of the external panel for a building upon a fire is minimized.

* Elegant external appearance
It has excellent processability so elegant external appearance of a building can be expressed with diverse patterns.


Test Report
A certificate of a Fire-resistant structure


Quasi-noncombustible 50T      Quasi-noncombustible 75T       Quasi-noncombustible  100T

Quasi-noncombustible 125T

Insulation performance

EPS Quasi-noncombustible   EPS Flame-retardant               EPS


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Boltless Panel



General Panel




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