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Glass Wool & Mineral Wool Panel

It is an external panel for a building that has glass wool and mineral wool as panel core that are inroganic insulators between pre-painted hot dip galvanized steel sheets which are external and internal surface materials and its safety against a fire is very excellent, and it is a high performance product equipped with durability that is strong against deterioration even though a long time has passed.

Product Information

Features of Product

Glass Wool Panel
An inorganic insulator made of thin and homogeneous fabric of pure rough glass.

* Safety against a fire
Proliferation of a fire is prevented by using an insulator which is an incombustible material, and it is proper for a fire-resistant structure or a fire zone since it does not create any toxic gas which is harmful to human body.

* Excellent sound-absorbing effect
Since it is formed with porous materials, the wave of a sound is absorbed at the inside on its own and has an excellent sound-absorbing effect.

Mineral Wool Panel
An artificial mineral fabric insulator that calcium silicate minerals are melted and fiberized at high temperature.

* Excellent durability
It is an inorganic product and there is almost no variation of its shape and no corrosion even after a long time has passed and since it is made of glass wool which has a strong power of restitution and tensile strength, it has excellent durability against impacts and pressure, vibration.

*Excellent insulation
It secures excellent insulation performance thanks to fine air layers between thin and homogeneous fabric.

The glass wool is a fire-resistant core and has a function of preventing proliferation of a fire. Our glass wool panel acquired a certification of a fire-resistant structure for 1 hour with its own excellent performance from Korea Institute of Construction Technology. The certification of a fire-resistant structure for 1 hour complies with the standard related to domestic construction that requires prevention of proliferation of a fire as well as securing structural performance related to a fire.

Test Report
Safety against a Fire

     Incombustible 100T              Incombustible 125T               Incombustible  150T         
    Incombustible 200T

Insulation Performance
 Thermal Conductivity               Thermal Contraction Ratio 64K 
Thermal Contraction Ratio 74K

Sound Absorption
              Wall 50T                                 Wall 75T                                  Roof 100T


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