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Metal Panel

It is a product that can express a tidy and modern landscape better than stone finishing or ther wet methods, which is hard to be expressed by general external panels for a building. With economic prices in addition to multiple functions, it is widely used for public buildings such as government office buildings, culture centers and military bases etc.

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Features of Product

prevention of internal condensation
It is a product that solves a problem of corrosion of a structure due to condensation which is a problem caused in the existing other panels.

* safety against a fire
It uses PIR foam that acquired FM certification and UL certification etc. that are certifications on international safety evaluation and glass wool which is an incombustible material as panel core.

* elegant external appearance
It is characterized by convenient constructability and sophisticated external appearance that can create a beautiful building within a short period of time with low costs.

* insulation
It is advantageous for energy saving by using PIR foam insulation core that is commonly used for cold storage etc.


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Polyurethane Metal Panel

Glasswool (Mineral Wool) Metal Panel

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