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Polyurethane Panel

It is an external panel for a building which has rigid polyurethane foam (PUR,PIR) between pre-painted hot dip galvanized steel sheets which has the best insulation as panel core and has a function preventing condensation by its excellent insulation performance, and is a high performance product equipped with constructibility with its light specific gravity and safety against a fire and high strength.

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Features of product
PUR  (Poly Urethane Resin Foam) Panel

* Excellent insulation performance
It is advantageous for energy saving since it has low thermal conductivity which is less than 0.02W/mk among insulators with Class 'Ga' in terms of the Korea's building code. It is excellent in preventing condensation, and commonly used in cold storage, refrigerated storage as well.

* Convenient constructability
In case of rigid polyurethane foam, calculation of loads and construction are easy and convenient thanks to its high strength and light specific gravity.

PIR (Poly Isocyanurate Resin Foam) Panel

* Safety against a fire
Since it has a certified test report for its flame-retardant performance and limited-combustible performance, the risk of a fire of an external panel for a building upon a fire in minimized.

The panel of the company satisfies FM certification and UL certification that are the highest level standards and its technical skills are recognized internationally. It has FM 4880 certification (safety against a fire), FM 4881 certification (safety against a fire on external wall and structural design), FM 4471 certification (safety against a fire on a roof and structural design) and UL 723 certification (safety against a fire).

Test Report
Insulation Performance


          Wall 50T                                  Wall 75T                                    Wall 100T              

        Wall 125T

Safety against a Fire


Quasi-noncombustible 50T   Quasi-noncombustible 75T   Quasi-noncombustible 100T  

Quasi-noncombustible 125T  


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Boltless Panel

General Panel

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