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It is the SEAMING SYSTEM that prevents the panel from being damaged and leaked due to variation of temperature and since it is possible for curved construction while maintaining perfect waterproofing performance, it can realize a beautiful building.

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Features of Product

* Perfect waterproofing performance
There is no exposure of bolts and the seaming tape at the joint of panels maintains more perfect waterproofing performance.

* Convenient maintenance
It can be constructed with less personnel by using the automatic seaming machine and repairs can be done simply only by replacing the cap so its maintenance is easy and simple.

* Curved construction
Since it is possible for curved construction, various external appearance such as an arch type etc. can be created.

* Adaptation to variations of temperature
It responds to longitudinal movements by allowing contraction and expansion of a roof according to variations of temperature by combining the panel with the sliding clip, not with a structure in order to adapt to variations of external temperature.


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SSR 400 Roof Panel

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