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TPO Panel

The TPO panel is a roof panel with new concept of SY that makes it possible for sheet waterproof by combining the TPO material which is widely used as a single layered roof material with the panel steel sheet.

Product Information

Features of Product

* Excellent durability
It has excellent durability with resistance to ultraviolet rays, weatherproof and extensive chemical resistance.

* Perfect waterproofing performance
It shows off perfect waterproofing performance with bond strength and watertightness of a joint with excellent prevention of overflow by integrated sheet waterproof with a welding method.

* Convenient construction-maintenance
An insulator and sheet waterproof are integrated, which makes construction simple an easy, and a risk of damage on the sheet is reduced by using a TPO coated steel sheet and it is possible for a partial repair.

* Environment-friendliness
The white TPO has 70% reflectivity which reduces thermal heat build-up, and there is no harmful gas that is generated upon energy saving hot gas welding.


Sequence of construction

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TPO Panel

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